Purpose of Page

    This website was created to help inform the public about the presence of genetically modified foods in society.  As of right now, the FDA does not mandate approval of these foods before being sold in stores and the FDA is also still not sure if genetically modified foods are 100% safe to consume.  Through this website, I hope to increase the awareness of genetically modified foods greatly.  By having this information, consumers will be able to make wiser decisions when it comes to purchasing foods.  So, please pass this page along to your family and friends to aid in increasing awareness.  Also, your comments and opinions on this page are greatly appreciated and you can leave them by click on the "Comments and Petition" tab and clicking on the provided link under the "Comments" section.  Under this tab, you will also find the link to an online petition that you are encouraged to sign if you would like food packages to be labeled stating whether or not they have been genetically modified.